Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Have you been to Zaap yet? If you haven't you probably should make it the next place you eat! The atmosphere is amazing which a street food vibe and the staff is one of the friendliest I've ever experienced. It is always buzzing whatever day of the week you go, I've never been to Thailand but this place really does make you feel like you are no longer in Nottingham! 

I have been a few times now, always over ordering as usual. They have a very large menu, so it may be a case of going more than a few times to figure out what it is you like, or if you just want to try everything off the menu (me). Whenever I go, I am always starving, so always tend to opt for a starter as well, I recommend them as they're super tasty, but maybe share one or two between you as they do fill you up quite a bit (not always a bad thing though!).

I've had their belly pork which is soft and crispy, and their crispy noodles in a seafood sauce. I am going to go again and maybe try one of their curries.

Nottingham has so many new places to eat and try, what is your favourite place to eat?


  1. I've never been to Nottingham, or Thailand, but both on my bucket list. The food here looks amazing! If I ever manage to get to Nottingham, I will certainly be trying this place out, it really does look like it has that oriental feel to it!

  2. Love it babe x x x

  3. We love Zaap but you should try Toros!