Thursday, 28 May 2015

What I have bought recently...

Oh Hi! How are you all? It has been a while since I did a 'haul', mainly because I have tried my best not to shop, but a little splurge from time to time is ok, here is what I bought!

Primark Slip Ons
When I spotted these, I knew straight away I had to buy them. They're real leather and were just £12.00 so I really had no excuse to not pick them up and take them straight to the tills! They're great for summer to wear to work, or evening meals and drinks in the sun.

I am a size 4 but had to buy a size 5, but they're really comfy.

Sisterhood and the Travelling Pants 1&2
I have watched a lot of the standard girly films, but never got round to watching this, so whilst browsing HMV I picked this up for about a fiver. I love feel good, Sunday afternoon duvet day films, and this fits right into that category! 

Nivea Make Up Remover
I have tried my fair share of high end to drug store eye make up removers, and I genuinely think this one is actually my favourite by far, it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or leave my eyes red. Having only picked this up because I had ran out of my No 7 eye make up remover, I didn't fancy splurging so picked one up for just £3.00. I would highly recommend this product.

Elvive  Fibrology shampoo
This is my second bottle and before using this shampoo my hair was extremely flat and I just felt like my hair was so boring. However since using this I do feel that my hair does feel gradually thicker, and it has made me want to do more with my hair, creating new styles.  

Primark Black T Shirt
Black is my go to colour when it comes to clothes, I find it very flattering and, stating the obvious, goes with literally everything! I love a good black tee, and this one has become one of my favourites. It is a basic black t shirt cut but on the back it has a large over lap of fabric so it is backless too. I prefer to wear this for casual drinks after work rather than everyday, I don't think I'm that daring just yet.

What are your favourite recent purchases?


  1. You got some good things here! I'm a size 4 shoe too but I often find I need size 5s, especially from Primark! x

    Stephanie |

    1. Thank you! :) I have bought a few pairs from them that are both a 4 and 5 thinking about it! x

  2. Looks like you bought a lot of nice things xx

  3. Those Primark slip ons are perfect! Always love a bargain xx

    1. hehe me too! :) - They are so comfy, perfect for summer. x