Sunday, 27 July 2014

Freud links the teeth and the heart...

Oh here I am casually modelling (poor attempt) some amazing necklaces I purchased the other day from ASOS. I was on a bit of a budget as I am (as ever) still saving. With this 'stacking' trend going round I of course wanted to follow suit. Plus I have always loved this look.  I purchased 3 necklaces Wednesday afternoon and they arrived first thing on Friday ready for the weekend! Perfect.

When I was 15 I purchased my first name necklace however it broke within a year. I have since toyed about getting a new one but the prices for decent ones seem so much dearer. So whilst I um and ar a bit more I saw this cute little 'Remember Me' necklace it had actually been in my saves for a while but it had now gone down to £3.00 so it would have been rude not to get it! My next choice was the silver triangle and gold chain with an iridescent drop, this was just £8.00. I really love how they have put both gold and silver together. Mixin' it up a bit. Finally to bump up the total to £15 for free postage, after much deliberation I bought this gold necklace that has 3 simple chains but the middle chain is a little locket. This was just £6.00. I have worn them all already and received many compliments on them. 

What do you think to this look? What trends are you loving?

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  1. Really pretty necklaces! I am too scared to go on the ASOS website at the moment for fear of buying most of their stock!!!!

  2. Love those necklaces! I'm on a spending ban, trying to save as well & I'm finding it really hard, I just want to shop! (:

    L x // bloglovin'

  3. super cute delicate necklaces xx