Sunday, 15 June 2014

What you don't have now will come back again, you've got heart and you're going your own way...

Having spent every weekend away from home for the past four weeks I am ravishing in this weekend and having quality "me" time. I'm not complaining at all, the weekends away have consisted of both work and play but sometimes it's nice just to have a weekend off and catch up with stuff like TV and blogging as I tend to prefer to write and schedule blogs on a weekend afternoon. With maoam pinballs and snacks in tow I am ready to catch up with some films at the cinema even if it means watching them by myself! I have missed a fair few films at the cinema so this weekend I plan to put my cinema card into good use! This weekend consists of watching Maleficent (superb film!) and Edge of Tomorrow.. later this morning.

I massively plan to blog more from now on but having been super busy unexpectedly I have been left rather exhausted. (cue violin)

Here is what I have been up to the past month! Hope you all have a lovely weekend soaking up some sunshine... Or rain.. 

Back in may now, jeez! I went up to Sheffield to visit one of my bestest friends, it has kind of become tradition that if we spend our saturday nights in at her house, we veg out on carbs and cheese n dips and put on a super girly chick flick, the chosen film was of course the classic How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Still amazing. Before I got the train home we took a pit stop at one of our favourite cafe's, Marmaduke, it is so pretty and looks like something I wish I could own in the future!

The following weekend I spent working at Radio 1's Big Weekend all the way up in sunny Glasgow, the weather wasn't actually too bad and I managed to catch a band or two! You Me at Six will always remind me of my younger(ish) days.

After another hectic week at work, I took my nieces to Manchester where we stayed over night at a Premier Inn and went to watch One Direction, I think I enjoyed it more than they did and they LOVE them... ahem.. The hotel was so lovely, I have stayed in a few Premier Inn's in the past but this was the first one where they offered to make fresh pizza for us if we wanted it when we got in late after the concert! We probably didn't arrive back until after 11pm and we still had fresh pizza made for us! The perfect midnight snack. #piggy

Thennn the weekend just gone I spent it working in the even sunnier London, I must admit I do love London, but I usually get the 'I can't wait to go home' after a super busy day (of shopping) during the hours of not working we couldnt resist Oxford Street! We didn't have that much time so we planned what shops we wanted to go in and we were literally in and out! I treated myself to a few bits for all the hard work I have been doing (HA! - who else is going to treat me?)

Before I left London on the Sunday I popped on the tune to Holburn where I met my friend Vanessa and her sister. I hadn't seen Vanessa for about five years which is shocking!

We had an amazing catch up. Let's not leave it another 5 years, please!

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  1. You've been busy. I'm not surprised you wanted a quiet weekend!


  2. Love this blog post! I also love to have the odd weekend to myself, especially after having busy weekends, you can't beat it! Sounds like you've had some fab weekends, but a much deserved rest and catch up on your blog sounds like it's needed :)

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you - really enjoy writing posts like this! I just need to remember to take more photos to support it even if its just on my iphone. X

  3. Sounds like you've had a good few busy weekends, hope you enjoyed your much deserved rest :-)

    1. Yes the weekend aways were really good, but always nice to chill out and rest! x

  4. This was such a lovely lifestyle post, it looks like you've had a fantastic time!
    x Justina//