Sunday, 4 August 2013

There's an old voice in my head, that's holding me back...

I am blaming this bizzare British summer heat wave we have been getting over the past few weeks for my lack of blogging. The last place I want to be is indoors so I have tried my best to avoid it. I have missed blogging a lot and have a lot of news to share. 

Firstly, I just wanted to share with you three bargains I have bagged over the last week from ASOS, Primark and Covent Garden! 

001. ASOS Sleek Boyfriend watch - £22.00
I have aways lusted for a Michael Kors watch, but the price puts me off as well as not feeling like it would suit my weird shaped wrists. So whilst doing my weekly ASOS browsing session I spotted this plain gold, black face watch. For just £22.00 it doesn't need justifying. 

002. Primark bed sheets £6.00 reduced from £9.00
Primark is growing on me more and more as days go on, and I love their selection of bedding too - I managed to pick this pretty floral duvet for just £6.00 i'm not sure why its discounted, but I didn't think twice. I love fresh new bed sheets. 

003. Witch Craft of Covent Garden - £10.00
Whenever I watch Sunbeamsjess on You Tube I am mesmerized by her incredible style, and at such a young age, I hate to admit it but I am utterly jealous of her wardrobe. The first thing I noticed was the silver ring she wore on her little finger, it looks great and straight away I wanted one. I searched high and low for a ring to fit my little finger, and I finally found one that doesn't turn my finger green! Yay! 

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  1. I do love a good bargain! Great finds! I especially love the Primark sheets! They always have amazing duvet sets! x