Saturday, 24 August 2013

I can take you out for breakfast, but he could take you 'round the world...

I have been lusting over a NARS duo pallette for so long, but I can never bring myself to pay £25.00 on eye shadow - I'd much rather spend it on clothes, although I appreciate good quality make up, eye shadow is probably the one thing out of my make up bag that I could live without. Hence the lack of splurge. 

Whilst shopping with my friend last weekend, I spotted this Smooch palette in Gold Rush for a fraction of the retail price! I generally lean towards, bronzes and browns, and I love the shimmer on this. This palette is really pigmented, you don't need a lot on your brush when applying on your eyes. It is also a lot lighter than pictured.

I also bought myself a new eye shadow brush, so I can apply it properly on my lower lash line. a brush that is missing from my brush collection.

Next stop TK Maxx, like Primark, TK Maxx has grown on me, I can spend a lot of time in there rummaging through the beauty section and home wares! I found this cute Agent18 rubber phone case, and if you know me you will know that I am obsessed with stripes, although it took a little persuasion on whether or not I needed a new phone case, I thought why not, its striped and I got it for less than a fifth of the price.

We drove to a local garden centre (two garden centre posts in a row, what am I?) where they had a little antique section which was AMAZING, over anything I absolutely love antiques, I wish I could buy everything, but what would I do with an old type writer, clocks and old china? :( in a separate post I will share a few snaps I took whilst in the little Aladdin's cave. 

I saw this old book of Pride and Prejudice, one of my favourite films, for just £1.00 - I had to have it - I love how there is a history to it, with the little note and label inside. 

I recently tweeted that I wanted to join a book club, unfortunately I am not a book work, I really really wish I was, but I'm not, I wanted to join one to motivate me to read more, I have started so many books that I haven't finished, I am to finish Catching Fire before the film comes out this winter. Wish me luck. 

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