Friday, 2 August 2013

A day in the sun with William Morris and Covent Garden...

William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow

Inside this beautiful Georgian house lies the work of an incredible designer, William Morris, who's prints inspire us all. (Well, me anyway!) a short walk from Walthamstow tube stop, this gallery is well worth a visit! 

We started with early lunch in their tea rooms, which over looks Lloyd Park, As the gallery is free, all sales from the tea room goes towards the gallery. Their food and drinks are inexpensive too. I had a Fentimans Victorian lemonade and a vegetable homemade pie. 

Covent Garden

Whenever I am in London, without a doubt I always visit Covent Garden, the more often I visit the better it gets! This patisserie stall caught my eye, and I am never sure if shops and stalls allow photo's being taken so I always take them on a sly, but I'm sure they appreciate my appreciation for them anyway! I wish I bought some, but I knew I wouldn't be able to bring them home with me on a packed train. 

As we were about to leave Covent Garden, I saw Luderee, I was in shock! The fact that I had never noticed it there before! If you know me I adore macarons more than any thing, I think of them as a little treat, and always love it when I get bought some for my birthday. I have tasted some tasty macarons before and I have always wanted to try Luderee macarons. They were heavenly.

Despite being in London for a whole weekend we were good and didn't go to Oxford Street, but I did picked up these little bits;

100g of sugar free apple sours from Toffee Nose
6 Laduree Macarons
Sterling Silver ring for my little finger (Finally!)
William Morris pocket mirrir
Mini wooden bunting from Sass and Belle

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  1. Love the purchases and the food all looks yummy! x gem

  2. I really enjoy your blog!