Sunday, 30 June 2013

To have it all and still want more, one things for sure we're all getting older...

Currently catching up with 90210, and planning my week again, yes I am a bit of a plan freak, I like to know what I am doing the following week before it begins and what posts I would like to write about, first up is Sleek. I love Sleek. From the packaging to the price, I feel it's so affordable, and have found that the items I have tried are super pigmented. I currently have the contour kit, in Light 884, and yesterday I did a cheeky purchase and bought the creme to powder foundation in Barley 704, and the true colour lip stick in Naked 785. 

001. This creme to powder foundation may be a little on the lighter side, but I generally go lighter than I would darker. This product reminds me of the Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous, which I really liked, but for the price, I think this will do for now. I like that it blends really well with great coverage and then turns into a powder consistency, so there isn't a shine. (my fave!)

002. The packaging for this lippy is so cute, its quite teeny, but would still get a lot of uses out of this! The price tag is pretty good at just £4.99, it is super pigmented and I prefer these neutral tones, its more of a nude than the beige the photo is giving off! 

I would highly recommend Sleek to anyone who is looking for great drugstore affordable make up products any day!

Here I swatched the foundation in the centre of my hand and the lip stick towards the camera.

You can buy Sleek products here, or at most Superdrug stores. 

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