Friday, 7 June 2013

I'd sing about my summer and the people that I spent it with...

I must say, 2013 has been a lot better than expected, (touch wood) I have traveled  a lot more than I would have and seen some amazing places within the UK where I wouldn't normally go.

As you may have read in my last post, I went to Cornwall, again, this time visiting different areas, as much as I moan about where I am, like, all. the. time and dream my life away, wishing I lived in New York, I forget that there are little gems dotted around England, especially in the south.

Here are a handful of shots I took with my phone, for Instagram which if you're not on it, I would love to share. 

Clockwise; Beautiful flower bed, daily shot of our 3rd night; Bedruthan and Newquay
BBQ and amazing view of the Bedruthan cliffs.

Clockwise; St Nectan's Glen, Nottingham Trent final degree show,
organised mess; catching up on shit TV, and shootin my new Primark shoesies.


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