Friday, 10 May 2013

Ticket stubs and your diaries I read them all one day, when loneliness came and you were away...

I totally regret not taking my camera to Sheffield some friends and I went to visit the Antique Quarter, I have been to Sheffield so many times, and didn't that they had an 'Antique Quarter' until only recently.

The weekend I went, they had an antiques fair on, so not only were the standard antique shops open, they also had lots of stalls set up like a market, but stocking only antique items. AH-MAZING. If you know me I love vintage and antique items, I can literally spend all day just browsing until my hands turn brown and covered in dust.

I'm not too familiar with the areas of Sheffield, so be sure to visit for more information. If like me you are obsessed with one off, unique items definitely have a wander up (or down) to Sheffield. We also had drinks and lunch at the Broadfield pub which was amazing and not too far from all the stalls.

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