Sunday, 26 May 2013

So grab the wheel, keep on holding it tight 'til you're tottering off into that goodnight...

Happy Sunday!

Hope you're all soaking up the sunshine like normal people, I'm not really a massive fan, to me sun means hot, clammy and a shiny face. Although i'm not a total sun scrooge, I like to take this sunny opportunity and eat outdoors of restaurants etc, it makes me feel like i'm back in Verona. *blush smiley emoji*

I went to see The Hangover yesterday evening, which despite bad reviews, (facebook friends) I loved it, and I love Zach Galifianakis' beard so much more! It was better than number 2, for sure, but no way as good as the first time you saw the first film. I've also recently seen The Great Gatsby and The Big Wedding (unlimited preview), and not that it needs my recommendation, but Star Trek, Oh my.. God... Cumbebatch. No words. So good. Love him. 

After watching the wolfpack, we went to Jamie's Italian, I am a massive foodie, and this is the first time I had been to this Jamies, and not only is the food amazing, the decor is so up my street. I didn't want to look like a total Instagram nerd so I resisted taking photos whilst people were eating around us. I started with the Three Cheese Gnocci then for main, the Wild Truffle Risotto, I love truffle risotto as much as I love striped garments! (Now you may know, that's a lot of love!)

Now finally, although I have started my spending ban, I really really need to sort my hair out, its so long and flat and so boring. Any suggestions on what I can do with stupid long hair, that I don't dare cut short? I have been trimming my fringe myself over the past few months, as I can't bring myself to go to the hair salon...


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  1. wow you've had a right film-fest! haha
    I need to see of these films.. I've been waiting ages for Hangover to be released, I love both 1 and 2, but agree, that I don't think you can match seeing the first one the very first time! I love Mr Chow!
    I've wanted to go to Jamies Italian for ages.. Heard it's lovely.. I love Italian, well, pasta and carbohydrates! haha