Friday, 24 May 2013

Oh, sweet thing, Zion doesn't love you, Babylon don’t love you, but you love everything...


I am back on my spending ban, I was on it early last year and managed to save. This time, as well as saving money I need to cut down on my shopping. My teeny room will not hold any more clothes or beauty products, I had a little wake up call when I realised I still have five unused foundations, nine mascaras, and a hell of a of moisturisers,  none of which are samples, I bought all these myself! From benefit, Maxfactor, La Rosche-Posay, Clinique and Molton Brown, you name it!

This spending ban doesn't include socialising, because I still need to see my friends, so this doesn't include food and drinks, or my beloved cinema card! I don't need anymore clothes or make up, so this should be pretty easy right?

As stated, my room is pretty boxy, so it gets messy so quickly - I am using the above two images I took for Instagram as inspiration of keeping my room tidy and organised. 

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