Thursday, 16 May 2013

Live my life in self-defense you know I love the past, ’cause I hate suspense...

Like many, I got lured in by the bonus points and bonus time. Using my sisters birthday as an excuse to buy something for myself. Purchase two or more Clinique products, one being skin care and you get a free gift, well not just one free gift, six, seven if you include the make up bag. 

As well as a gift for my sis, I purchased the anti blemish solutions clearing moisturiser for myself, one day, I will find the perfect moisturiser for my skin, though, i'll be honest, I am awful when it comes to skin care, I own a lot of it, but I don't stick to just one to find out whether it really works for me. I should have a massive clear out and sort through everything.

I have just started using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish see previous post and hope for a good outcome! 

Bonus time includes;
15ml youth surge SPF 15 decelerating moisturiser
full size quickliner for eyes intense
30ml 7 day scrub cream rinse off formula
50ml take the day off make up remover for lids, lashes and lops
3.5ml high impact mascara
duel ended high impact colour / long last gloss wear
cosmetics bag

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