Sunday, 5 May 2013

I hear you're somewhere in the sand and how I wish I was an ocean...

People get SAD in the Winter, I feel like I'm the complete opposite, yes, the sun is great some days, but sometimes I just want it to rain. However, I am trying my best to enjoy being outdoors and appreciating the good weather. This has lead me to write a bit of a life/emo post. I am still at that point of my life where I am stuck in the biggest rut ever and cannot get out of it, I know I am not the only one in this situation but I used to have such dreams and life plans, that not knowing what I want to do or anything is starting to stress me out. 

I am also one of those people who are more than happy to listen and offer advice, but I should probably listen and take my own advice so here are a few (for the both of us);

- Talk to people, let them in on your problems, you will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

- Write lists and set goals, tick them off as you have achieved them, that way you may be more self motivated, and if job hunting, meet up with friends at cafe's with free wifi and chat and look together at a steady pace.

- Spend days in with films and trash TV, with your laptop (on ya lap) and Google away, as a blogger I find it so useful reading other blogs, see what everyone else is up to, discover new places to visit and find out how they got to where they are etc, may make you a little more optimistic and driven.

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  1. Lovely post hun, and beautiful quote. all these things are helpful and good to remember. In fact as i write this i think i want a film evening this week :) xx Following