Sunday, 14 April 2013

You liken me to a vampire, my left hand was wearing fake plastic teeth...

I have spent my Sunday morning making home made crab cakes for lunch; crabs were bought when I went to Cornwall (post coming soon), we ate one and froze the other.

To make these home made crab cakes you need;
1 x spider crab (or any crab you can get your hands on)
Plain Flour
Spring Onion
Sweetener (Sugar if you prefer)
Vegetable Oil

I am not a good cook, therefore unable to give measurements, but you kinda just add it all to taste and consistency. 

First up I steamed the crab until cooked, then removed the crab meat from the shell, ensure you keep all the juices that is left from the crab as this contains a lot of flavour. Once this has been done I added  the crab meat with the crab juice and chopped up spring onion, onion and salt / sugar, nothing is raw so add all the above to taste.

Next add some plain flour to the mixture to a consistency where you can roll them into little balls, like you do when you're making burgers. I use a large none stick wok, and heat up vegetable oil before I put the cakes in so it doesn't stick. Let one side cook, then use a spatula to 'flatten' them so they cook evenly. 3/4 minutes on each side, til golden brown.

Voilà - I had mine with home made chilli oil and tomato salad. xx.

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