Sunday, 14 April 2013

Slow things down or speed them up, not enough or way too much. How are you when I'm gone?

Deary me, my blogging is so inconsistent. I haven't blogged much this Easter Holiday, not that this holiday affects me! I have been super busy, which I am not complaining about, and going away to Cornwall was a huge highlight, holiday post will be up on Tuesday!

Despite not blogging much over the last couple of weeks, this doesn't stop me from taking photographs of my every move on my phone.  

Walk off the earth @ Rock City | My view and train up to Manchester
Lush Caravan Park, Tintagel | Mary Poppins graffiti | Magnet and Owl keyring
Tintagel cliff edge | Cheese scone | Tea and Hot Chocolate at the Forte Inn, Newquay 
Newquay | Fudge | We made it to Tintagel
Dark Chocolate and Ice Cream | Revlon Baby Stick | Valerie Patisserie | Cocktails and Jerk Chicken

I'll be adding a mini review of the baby stick with my buys from the #NottsBBMeet. :)

The bottom row of photo's were taken in Nottingham, I went to Turtle Bay, and finally had the famous jerk chicken. It was ahmazing. Anyone every in Nottingham, make a reservation and try it. It gets incredibly busy, so it would be ideal to book ahead to save any waiting around. (Thats how good it is) If you eat around 7pm, they have happy hours from 5pm - 7pm so hello 241 cocktails.

I am a bit of a film buff, I own a cinema card, so go quite frequently I think I might throw in the odd film recommendations on here without giving too much away. This weekend I went to see The Host and The Place beyond the Pines.

The Host was not what I expected, I am starting to enjoy more futuristic films, and I love it when there is a twist and a happy ending. 

The Place beyond the Pines was a good watch, I did snooze a little (a bad habit I have) but the car chases woke me up and I'd recommend watching it. Once. or for Gosling and Cooper.

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  1. I love Granny Wobblys fudge shop, the name always makes me laugh when I see their shop in Cornwall! x