Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I needed something more, you stepped down, so what are you chasing? I put it on rewind for this time only...

When you grow up living in a busy city your whole life, you kinda forget what the rest of the county has to offer. I have been to Cornwall before, visiting places like Newquay and Torquay, standard, but this time round I visited Tintagel, a clean and quiet little town, with no phone reception and less than an hour from Newquay. Everyone there was so polite and friendly, and they all had dogs, which was a massive bonus! We would wander the little town, and browse the shops that are pretty much full of old nicnacs. My kinda shop! They would have old jewellery, to kids toys, vintage photographs and ornaments. We opted to stay in a caravan this time, and it was GREAT. I loved it so much, I couldn't recommend it enough. We went on walks up towards the castle, super steep and rocky up the cliffs, not my kinda thing but I actually enjoyed it, I actually wished I had actual hiking boots. Shock Horror. 

We stayed in a caravan park in a rented caravan, and I absolutely loved it, I know i've said I love staying in hotels but this first experience in a static caravan was great, it was super clean, came with TV, free view and a DVD player, clean bathroom, heating pots and pans, you name it. It was nice just to chill out in the evening, stick on a film and cook, perfect nights in. I cannot wait to do something like this again. I wish I took photo's of inside the caravan, but it was already filled with all our suitcases, bags and clothes the minute we got in it. Does not make a pretty picture. :(

A couple of the beach images above are taken when we drove to Newquay.

Some other photographs can be viewed in this post.

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