Tuesday, 2 April 2013

All the time that I need is never quite enough...


Hope your Easter Weekend has been a good one, I went out with friends on good friday, to some posher places than the usual pub, I have discovered that my new drink is amaretto and cranberry. Cranberry is good for you right? ;) 

I did a spot of shopping in the day on Saturday, I had three £5 off No7 skincare vouchers, and it expired that day, so it would have been rude not to use them, I purchased the following;

Purifying Exfoliator, normal to oily skin, I really wanted to try the St Ives scub, but whilst I had the voucher I thought i'd try this first and see how it goes.

Rapid Spot Rescue, for all skin types, this is meant to reduce spot sizes in two hours... we'll see how this goes.

Energising Mask, I have been looking for something like this for such a long time, all you do is apply it all over your face, wait about 10 minutes while it dries and peel it off. I have used this product and my skin feels a lot smoother already, and hopefully this will stop my skin getting so oily throughout the day.

(I am super tempted to buy a Clarisonic!)

Selfie, Hotel Chocolat is the best, Boots No7 skincare

L'Oreal box ombre, Wagamama chicken tama rice

Little favourites post to come, Hotel Chocolat rocky road easter egg, washing my brushes

001. I have ombre hair, and it cost me a lot of money to get it done, as the hairdressers always seem to manage to persuade me to get my hair cut as well, so since this box dye came out I have always been intrigued. Seeing as I don't want to pay salon prices to get my hair done at the moment, so I purchased this for only £5.99 from superdrug. As my hair is quite dark, it has taken but its not as obvious as I wanted it to be, so I might try it again. The comb that comes with it makes it so easy to apply, so I highly recommend this. Two big thumbs up!

002. I took a little photo of some of my favourite beauty items on Instagram, items that I love, but should use more often, I am going to do a more detailed post on each of these items shortly.

003. I have been meaning to wash my brushes in soo long, I don't think its a chore, but the only time I remember is when I apply make up in the morning, and I'm looking at my buffing brush and thinking, this needs a good washing.. then I forget once i'm home but I finally got round to doing it yesterday.

What do you use to wash your brushes? I currently just use hand wash that's already next to the sink!

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  1. Hiya Meimei! Great post! I recently did the box ombre as well and well...the first time it went orange EEK! But i found a way to fix it to give a real noticeable but yet natural ombre look...feel free to have a look at what i did here :


    @Totallytamryn on twitter

  2. Hey! I haven't read your blog in so long :(, but just reminded me how lovely it is to read! I've washed my bare minerals brushes twice now, and always used shampoo. Helen xx