Sunday, 31 March 2013

They've got planes and trains and cars, I'd walk to you if I had no other way...

There seems to be a lot of 'firsts' going on over on this blog recently, but I like it! I've never wanted this blog to be review heavy, mainly because I prefer lifestyle blogs with (a lot) fashion and beauty thrown in, but I just want to share some of the products I have finished, in other words, an 'empties' post. Hope you like!

When it comes to clothes and beauty products, there are only a few things that I re-buy over and over! A few are; Topshop Leigh jeans, Boots No7 eyeliner and Benefit Hello Flawless foundation. Though, as for beauty products because I buy so much, it takes ages to finish anything so I was surprised that these are empty after having them for so long!

001. TRESemme Heat Defence styling spray. I use this every day, to be honest I have never used any other head styling spray before, but this seems to do the job, I have bleached ombre hair, and I wash and blow dry my hair everyday, and cut my hair about once a year. From an unprofessional point of view, my ends and the rest of my hair doesn't seem too bad? 

I have recently bought L'Oreal brush on dip dye in a box, I'm a little scared, but cannot wait to  use it. Fingers crossed it will turn out OK.... photo's to follow I'm sure :).

002. The Body Shop, Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist. When I bought this I actually wanted the Eau de toilette, but I was poor, so I bought the body mist instead, I don't use it on my body, if that's how you're meant to use it, but on my clothes before I go out. This scent is gorgeous and I would definitely buy this again. I did eventually buy the eau de toilette which I also love, but the body mist is a lot lighter, so when I have finished this I may go back to the body mist. I think the packaging for this range has changed, (that's how long I have had it) and the prices are about £7.00 for the mist and over double for the perfume. Both still affordable compared to designer perfumes though. 

003. Clinique Moisture Surge face spray. If you know me, I love love love the Moisture Surge thirst relief moisturiser, and I was bought the gift set for Christmas in 2010 which also came with the eye cream. I have only been using it last winter and I spray it on my face in the morning before moisturising and applying make up, it makes my skin feel instantly refreshed and not so 'tight'. As this was bought for me as a gift, I would definitely use it again, but I assume it is quite pricey, so I would either ask for it again as a gift or purchase it along with their gift sets as they usually do some good deals ;).

At the start of my day, after showering my face is sooo dry, then towards the afternoon and evening I have the most oily skin. Help and suggestions? I have no knowledge about beauty products, I test out alot and use what I can afford, So if anyone has any tips or recommendations please throw them my way!

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