Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Not sure if you mind if I dance with you, but I don't think right now that you care about anything at all...

Hiii, guess what! An outfit post! Shock Horror.

To say I am obsessed with fashion and clothes, even more so than beauty products, I find it very hard shooting outfit posts, because I am not photogenic at all and hate the camera in my face, it is a rare occasion that I would be tagged in any photo's on Facebook! However it is something I wish I was more into and I'm super jealous of everyone who dares stand in front of a camera, even though outfit posts and blogging go hand in hand, I guess its just a fear I need to get over already!

Anyway, this will be a scheduled post as I have blogged both Saturday and Sunday, I want to spread it out a bit and I just wanted to share with you my favourite outfit of right now. :)

Primark jumper, Oxfam blouse, Topshop Leigh Jeans,
H&M socks, New Look boots.

My usual outfits consists of Leigh Jeans, an over-sized shirt or T Shirt and Vans, but ya know, sometimes you just want to look a little smarter but still casual enough to wear to work. How would you describe your  everyday style? 

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*This is a scheduled post


  1. I m totally with you on the whole outfit post thing. I would so love to get cool outfit snaps on the street, in the park etc for the blog but I am too shy and scared of what others will think if they see me doing it! If I post outfit pictures it tend to me the details like you have used here. Maybe we should arrange to do a shoot together?!

    Katie x

  2. When I first started my blog I did outfit posts but cut my head out of the pictures... It's just something you get used to I guess :) Confidence will come with practice :) Love this jumper by the way!

    Love, Rachel