Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My everyday favourites...

Hi everyone, 

So I have never done a 'favourites' post before, so rather than starting with a monthly favourite, I'm going to share some of my favourite beauty favourites I use everyday without fail, and cannot live without! I think depending on how much I splurge, I may branch out and do monthly favourite posts :) - I love reading these type of posts, gives me great ideas on what is out there, although not good for my bank balance, I love trying new things, so feel free to send me links and recommendations!

001. As shown in my birthday post, I was bought some Shu Uemura eye lash curlers for my Birthday, I love them, my eyelashes are the worst kind of eyelashes. They do not have a natural curl, and for some reason these work wonders. I have tried several boots / body shop standard high street eyelash curlers in the past and they never made any difference. For £20 these are a great investment. You can buy these from John Lewis, House of Fraser or Space NK.

002. Before buying these Real Technique brushes, I used disposable sponge applicators, and I have never looked back. I use this particular brush, the buffing brush for my foundation, it applies and blends so well. A blogger must have, I have not heard a bad word about these Real Technique brushes and i'm sure you have heard only good things too. The core collection is pretty reasonably priced. You can find these in most Boots stores.

003. OK, so I know there has been some controversy regarding MUA but I can't fault this pallet, especially at the price of £4, for someone who doesn't wear too much eye shadow, I would recommend, starting with this pallet, the bronze / nude / brown tones are neutral and suits most people. I don't use the applicator that came with the pallet, I prefer this models own shading brush, which was part of the 5 piece travel set. You can buy this pallet from Superdrug.

004. I think my favourite purchase is this L'Oreal telescopic mascara, oh my, I love it so much, I was watching a Vivianna Does Markup tutorial and she used the Shu Uemura eyelash curler with this mascara, and she said that her eye lashes stays curly, so I thought to myself, I must try this!! and I cannot rave about this enough, although I used to love big fat brushes, this delicate plastic brush is so good, it gives great length, keeps the curl and gets every lash. What more do you want? This item can be bought any any drugstore.

005. and finally, my favourite scent of all time, apologies, this bottle is so scuffed up! This is my third 30ml bottle, I prefer these smaller bottles as I can carry them in my hand bag, I generally get a bottle for Christmas or my Birthday. Unfortunately I am awful at describing scents, I prefer fruity / zingy kinda scents as apposed to floral or anything too strong, so this is perfect, probably best for you to try it in your local perfume counter or pick up a little sample. Oh and the bottle is just beautiful.

Please note,  although I love these items and rave about them highly, 
these opinions are my own, and may not work as well for you,
or you  may not love them as much as I do. :)



  1. I am a big fab of RT too! I don't think I will ever buy foundation brush from another brand :) I like the idea of a monthly beauty favourites :) I'll look forward to reading your next one!

    Love, Rachel