Saturday, 23 March 2013

Come meet me in the middle, lets make up a dance...

Hello everyone, 

Hope you've all had a lovely snowy March weekend! It was this time last year I went to my first ever blogger meet and it was definitely not snowing. Speaking of blogger meets, I am so excited for my second blogger meet next month! Check out Sophia's (aka Tattooed Tea Lady) blog post here for all the information you will need, and hopefully see you there! (Let me know if you are going, would love to get to know fellow bloggers before the event!) Make sure you use the #NottsBBmeet hashtag on twitter :) x

This weekend I went to Sheffield again, you might wonder why I am always in Sheffield, my best friend lives there and its only a train ride away so I went to visit as her housemate was hosting a pub quiz! However due to bad weather it got cancelled so we stayed in, cooked lasagne and drank fizzy wine (one of my faves) and watched Knocked Up whist we caught each other up with the latest dramas of our lives.

Today we dared the snow and went shopping, had lunch at The Old House. I enjoy eating out and when in Nottingham, I eat in a lot of chain restaurants so it is always nice to go to little pubs and cafes when away from home. I should probably check out the cosy pubs in Nottingham and go more often, because you know, the food photographs better ;).

As per, I wasn't dressed correctly for the weather so I wrapped up my Vans and borrowed her wellies. (Good job she has two pairs!) So we donned our Hunter wellies and hit the shops. We hit New Look with our 25% off vouchers, I bought some colourful socks in their 3 for £4.00 range and managed to somehow wangle 25% off this too! Score. I also bought some glittery socks from H&M which I have been searching high and low for, for absolutely ages!!

Next stop, Topshop, I needed new jeans and I always buy them from Topshop, so I picked up a Black and Navy pair of Leigh jeans, and with this awful weather upon us, I felt like I needed a pair of sturdy leather shoes instead of wearing wellies, and my heart fell for these. (You can see a proper images of them above) but for £80 my heart sank a little, do I don't I? I was already about to spend £76 on two pairs of jeans and although the passed week I said to myself NO MORE SPENDING, I just had a moment and tried to justify it in my head. I know they will last a very long time, I just need to work out whether they really suit me. I have 30 days to figure that out. What do you think? Hellpp. xx.

...and finally my sister came home from Spain today, and she bought me just a few little bits n bobs; she knows I love glasses and jars to hold my brushes, mascaras etc, but I am tempted to use this little vase and plant some flowers in it, maybe? I am also a huge nail polish hoarder, and my favourite shades are pastels  so I cannot wait to try these :). 


  1. I too am an avid collector of Topshop jeans.. Last year I had them in nearly every colour available, from bright pink, to cherry red. I love the fit. :)
    The boots I say keep! They're lovely and think they'd suit you great. :)
    Lovely gifts from your sister.. She chose a good time to get away, sure weather was a lot nicer over there!

    1. Thanks lovely :) I absolutely love these boots but have decided to return them :( I love topshops jeans too! Only place I go!! haha xx