Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spare me just three last words. "I love you" is all she heard. I'll wait for you, but I can't wait forever...

Oh, I feel like I have been an awful blogger, so, how good am I posting on my birthday? Whilst everyone else has been at LFW this is what I have been up to,

Turning 25 part I:

001. Last Saturday, me and my best friend went for a great lunch at Patisserie Valerie, we ordered a pot of tea  each and a Greek salad, and shared their signature chocolate mousse and cheese cake for afters (See Instagram shots below). I would highly recommend food at Patisserie Valerie, I am already wanting to go back and try their other dishes! Check out their fabulous menu here.

002. Sorry this post is all in the wrong order, I went to London yesterday for a large family gathering, and I got bought the most beautiful birthday cake, I will take photo's of it and share them tonight, but for the time being you get the jist of how good the cake is by the other cakes they were selling in China Town. They're generally so light and delicate, covered in fresh fruit and not too sweet!

003. Back to Saturday night, after food at Patisserie Valerie, I booked a table for my friends and I to dine at Carluccio's. I must say their food is absolutely delicious, I ordered off their specials board; Wild mushroom and truffle risotto. It was so good that I forgot to take photo's of this, a thing I do way too much without caring how silly I look half the time, but I did catch the raspberry and chocolate Eton mess. with my iPhone.

004. Check out all their amazing baked goods! I have never been to any other Carluccio's, but this one in Nottingham has a little cute shop as you enter where you can buy cook books, tote bags pastas and other ingredients. A highly recommended restaurant for you to check out. 

005. To this meal, I wore skinny Topshop Leigh jeans with my Office leather wedges, Miss Selfridge Leather Jacket and my Oxfam find; Navy and White polka dot blouse, along with silver cross accessories.

A few more snap shots of my week and London, I will do a more in depth Birthday post (Turning 25 part 2, after my birthday! Sorry about the jumble-ness of this post but it had to be posted before my birthday but for some reason couldn't find anytime to do it so I'll post it now.

I would like to Thank everyone who has wished me Happy Birthday via text, Facebook or Twitter! I haven't asked for many gifts, and now 25 there isn't really much I need that I haven't already bought for myself, but everything I am given I appreciate so much, a lot, and it is always nice to open presents and being surprised, I will do a Birthday post after the weekend xx.



  1. Those cakes look tasty and love your turquoise jewellery!

    Be great if you could check my latest outfit post feat a camo jacket from Fashion Union.

    Thanks :) Charlie UK Fashion Blog | Lurch Hound Loves xx

    1. The cakes were tasty indeed. Sure will definitely take a look now, am following too xx