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Hey guys,

Sorry, I was on a roll then for some reason had zero motivation to blog, don't you just hate it when that happens? Haven't really done anything that exciting the past week or so, the snow has given me the excuse to stay in a lot and hide from the world. Last weekend I escaped to Derby, and played in the snow with the dog til my legs ached. I then came back early to hang out with one of my friends, we caught up over a Wagamama's, I had their Pad Thai, always a good choice and tried their plum fizzy wine, highly recommended. 

Superdrug buys; The Hunger Games, Aussie hair products, mini's, snow,
Cath Kidston, more snow, positive quote, wishlist, jagers and bellini's.

001. On my lunch on payday last Friday I went and browsed Superdrugs, and picked up a few bits, I don't usually use eye shadow, but more recently instead of eyeliner on my lower lash's I have been wearing a dark brown shade on my lower lash line, which I think I prefer, especially when I have heavy winged liner on the top eye lid. I didn't want to splurge on an expensive palette before testing which colours would suit me best, so I have started with the Makeup Academy 'Undressed' eye shadow palette. The shades are rather pigmented as you can see from the swatches made on my hand. I do prefer the bronze / brown shades for my skin tone. I think for £4 they are worth checking out. Whilst I was there I also picked up some Superdrug own brand nail care, as well as care polishes by Rimmel London and Collection. Is it just me or do your nails feel bruised after taking off your nail varnish? Since taking off my gel nails I feel like I need to look after them, and made them stronger, so I bought Rimmel London's Nail Rescue; 14 day nail hardening treatment, fingers crossed :).

002. I have been trying to make 2013 the year where I read more, as previously stated in my last posts I purchased The Hunger Games trilogy, I am so sucked in that when I was reading this on the way to work, I almost missed my stop.

003. When it comes to shampoo, I am awful, (I think?) I see and read bloggers using all these expensive products, and there's me who uses the standard, VO5, L'oreal Elvive. I wash my hair every morning, which I hate with a passion, so maybe if I upgraded a little on the shampoo, maybe I would see a difference. I bought three bottles of Aussie, shampoo and conditioner, which for me is expensive for shampoos, so I have been using it so far, so far I must admit I don't feel any difference, but I will continue and see how this goes. Otherwise I don't really see much point spending much more on shampoo for no improvement on my irritating hair! :( #girlproblems however this shampoo smells delish!

004. I never really realised just how much beauty products I have hidden away, so much that I need a place to store them. Here I have recycled my Chanel box which came with my glasses, and neatly placed my mini's.

005. I have always wanted this Cath Kidston blouse for months and months, but I could never justify paying £50 for it, so whilst January sale shopping with my sister, I saw it and it was on sale, gush gush and just my luck, my sister still needed to buy me another present for Christmas, so she bought it. The fabric is lovely, and if anyone knows me well. I do enjoy a pretty polka dot.

006. A sneaky snap of my little path to the bus stop, usually it is a concrete path and then grass, as of today though the snow is no more thanks to the rain washing it all away, no more delayed buses and slippy roads!

007. This will be a better year.

008. I wanted to be more organised this year, and so I am, making shopping lists, and adding in some wants for my birthday next month. :)

I have so much I want to say in a single blog post, so without saying too much I think the above layout may be better for future posts when I want to talk about specific products? xx.

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