Sunday, 30 December 2012

What a year...

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Mamma Mia, Love Hearts and Crosses ring and Benefit goodies. oh, and new bed sheets too! 

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Despite starting this blog in 2009 I feel that I have definitely developed a lot along the way, I go through my old posts quite often until I start feeling super nostalgic and sad then I stop. I feel that my writing and photos have improved and layout in general is more "professional"/ neater. I do want to save for a stand and a new camera, both of which I am open to suggestions.

2012 saw in my first ever blogger meet see post here! It was such a great day even though I was super nervous as I didn't know a single person but came out meeting a bunch of lovely people and still in contact with them! I hope my 2013 will be filled with several more meets! :) 

I'm not going to do a 2012 year review as unfortunately I didn't enjoy the majority of it, I don't plan on making any resolutions as they're impossible to stick to, instead maybe some goals to reach and some serious life changes need to be made. 1) Move (anywhere!) 2) Earn more money 3) Get fit (!!) 4) Travel to see my best friends more often. Who sadly don't leave close to me. Sob.

I had already done a quick Christmas post, but I have taken some quick photo's of a few things I got that I wasn't able to take close up's of. I absolutely adore Benefit, I am a sucker for their packaging too. So I am super excited to use these, these were bought along with a couple of Real Technique brushes; Stippling and the Shading brush. Dream. I was also given the Kardashian polish's by O.P.I, I love nail polish and I love the Kardashians so what more could I ask for? They have a great coverage so I highly recommend them. I purchased myself some little goodies throughout Christmas too, why not? and my knuckle rings arrived yesterday! They are by Love Hearts and Crosses. Super affordable and came super swiftly! (pictured above). For 10% off your next order use code: TENOFF offer ends 30/06/2013 :). Oh I was also given a lovely nomination bracelet too, cannot wait to start it! Browsing links now.

So the next and final holiday of this year comes New Years Eve, a holiday I hate, so overrated, never fun, expensive and there is always a huge queue for the loo. You can't just stay in as you feel like you're boring (well I do.). So instead of moping and feeling sorry for myself I am whisking my ass off to the big city for a few days, see in the new year with proper fireworks, drink champagne, by the Embankment (not on my own!), then  start January off by watching Mamma Mia with the bestie on the West End and shop until I have to crawl back to the hotel with too many shopping bags. I hope you have a great New Year, and I wish everyone the best for 2013 xx.


  1. i loved mamma mia when i saw it, hope you and youre bestie have a great time :) love your blog, stummbled across is an hour ago and still reading..xx

    1. Ah thank you, lovely comment! :) It's the second time seeing mamma mia as I loved it so much the first time. I'll check out your blog now xx.

  2. I hate NYE too! I got offered the chance to go off to London, but I just couldn't justify spending £100+ on a night out, staying in a city that is 30 minutes away from my house. I'd rather spend that money on sales shopping! On second thoughts...I already have! x

    1. ah, me and my friend managed to get a decent and affordable hotel and trains to go so that part hasn't been too bad, I haven't been sale shopping yet, so looking to that the most when in London!! x