Sunday, 2 December 2012

The same old blood rush with a new touch...

Just a brief, Hello! I am sorry that I haven't been very bloggy lately, I haven't really had much inspiration or been in the mood to do so, I generally blog a lot more when I'm happy.

So, Christmas is creeping upon us, and it is quite possibly my favourite time of year, though this year is slightly different I aim to make the most of it. I have purchased several presents for family and friends already, and with some trips planned ahead, I feel like I will finish on time this year!

Last week I wandered round Nottingham's Old Market Square and took some snaps of the Christmas market...

I am gutted I will be missing the Christmas blogger event next weekend, but I shall be in London in the hope to meet the most amazing man ever, Michel Roux Jr. Wish me luck!! I am spending the night in London at a lovely hotel visiting Taste of Christmas : ). Actually cannot wait to taste all the food.

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  1. ooh, I LOVE christmas markets! I wish we had them here. Looks beautiful.