Sunday, 11 November 2012

All these strings are attaching to me, and I can't find the scissors.

Apart from fashion, I have always been into music, attending shows and finding new music, well, I used to be more so than now.

I went down to London this weekend as I had tickets for the Vans Warped Tour, I've done the all dayers in the past, and I must admit, I feel a little too old now and the main reason I bought these tickets was simply to go to UK's first ever Warped Tour, but I only went to see Lostprophets, who as ever, were amazing, they sang their old classics which came with great teen memories of dancing and singing literally your little heart out.

I spent the rest of the weekend roaming round London, visiting Eds, admiring the Christmas decorations on Oxford Street, arguing with many TFL staff, checking out the Kardashion Kollection and of course shopping (and compiling a photographic memory Christmas list for myself as I go round). 

Here is my weekend in pictures; I took a lot and I have tried my best to condense it down! x

I purchased this shirt from New Look with the cheeky 25% off Facebook offer.
I will take a picture of me in it when I wear it. I think I would wear it buttoned up and sleeves rolled down.

Merry Christmas... apparently!

I know in my previous post I was saying I wanted to move to London, since going back, I think (sorry, mega yoyo'ing moods recently) I don't think I am ready. Doesn't feel quite right.


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