Tuesday, 30 October 2012

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve and I have always buried them beneath the ground. Dig them out let's finish what we started...

London. Embankment. Feb 2012. A happier time.
So this isn't the normal blog post, but I have taken some well deserved time out to think and sort out my life. 

I spent my weekend going out with friends and being asked what I'm doing and told what I need to do, I was surrounded by people who I felt was a lot more accomplished than me, and I stopped to think why have I not achieved anything I wanted since graduating from university some time ago.

As soon as I started university in Lincoln, I always said that I was never going back to Nottingham, I'm going straight to London, that I did when I got an amazing opportunity interning at a head office for a brand. Unfortunately this came with a lot of down points, where it was unpaid, and I spent literally all the money I had; university bursary, house deposit, and savings.

I must say, I had the best time being a Londoner for the time I was there. 

Would I go back permanently? 

Yes. I used lack of jobs and money as the reasons why I never left, but it clearly wasn't the real reason. 

However, with that out of the picture, the world literally is my oyster, and everyone around me is telling me to fucking do it.

Fingers crossed I will be out of this rut by next August, everyone else can do it.

I still feel like something is holding back though.

Apologies if this makes no sense to anyone but me, but this is why I have this blog. 


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