Saturday, 11 August 2012

Oh no, what have I done? There's no one to keep me warm...

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Above; Rings - Vintage, American Apparel - Factory Grey Nail Polish,
Topshop - Basic black tee, ASOS - Cross and Spike necklace

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I spent the majority of last weekend in London, working at the event Eastern Electrics, it was a very long day, so I had to dress comfortably. It was an early start, and we knew it was going to be a long day, work had put us up in a Travel lodge on a main road in Greenwich, as you can see in the above Instagram photo, I did not want to get up at 7am, after not having a very good nights sleep due to the heat and traffic noise throughout the night. Nonetheless, the event ran smoothly, and eventually got back home about 1/2am. Snoooooze.

I never realised just how nice Greenwich was, every corner had a cute pub, and we had a great view of the O2 Arena, just a pretty site, when you are not in London very often.

Again, if you follow me on either Instagram or twitter, as much as I am a fashion blogger, I love taking photo's of food, and eating out a lot in the week / weekend, Nottingham isn't the best for shopping, but I do believe that it has a great variety of restaurants for you to pick from, I love all types of food, and above I have a Calamari Salad, picked from the lunch menu at Frankie and Bennies, not my ultimate choice in restaurant, but it is suitable for kids, and they enjoy the quick food.

Next stop we had a girly evening this Tuesday going for drinks, and BURGERS at Annies Burger Shack, served at The Navigation, they are very big, but we all manage to finish 99% of it, as they are so yummy! If you are ever in Nottingham, it is definitely worth a visit, please click here for their menu (they also have a veggie options!) - the above is the Thin Lizzy burger, best one yet!!

Finally, who doesn't like Indian food? For one, I do!! Above is from Tamatanga, it is not a traditional Indian restaurant, however it has won and have received great feedback from local press. Some people may stick their noses to it as it not a traditional restaurant, however I love it in there, the service is friendly and quick, and their food tastes great, oh and great value for money. What more do you want? Check out their menu.


Finally got myself a new telly, well courtesy of my sister, Thanks to her new job! - Love it, can finally watch normal TV on it rather than box sets all day and night.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and the Sun stays out :-). xxx

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