Monday, 20 August 2012

I know this is surreal, but, I'll try my luck with you...

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The Strokes
Is This It (2001)

I spent my Sunday wandering round the Caribbean Carnival in Nottingham, before ending up in the bar in the  Old Market Square, it was blasting out tunes from the past, but it was a lovely night, therefore sitting by a fake beach, and huts was probably a nice way to spend a Sunday evening.

Ps - we didn't go on any of the rides. #wuss

Here is just a peak of my new ring(s) - as seen is my previous post, I love them so much now, and I think it's ok to wear them on these two fingers?! I'm not really sure which two they're supposed to go on, but these are probably the two which suits my horrible hands the most. I really like them, its a shame they are not real gold, and don't turn my fingers green.

On a different note, I came home this evening to see that What Olivia Did wrote such a lovely bit about meimeisays... - please check her out, you will not regret it.


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