Friday, 17 August 2012

He wants it easy, he want it relaxed, said I can do alot of things, but I can't do that.

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Wish magazine isback in stock, yay, I have followed Carrie on Twitter for some time, as well as her Wishwishwish blog, the photo's are so pretty, and makes me envy her life even more, so when I heard Carrie was publishing a magazine, I just knew it would be a treat, and a treat it was! 

The 88 page magazine is full of beautiful photographs, great clothes, pretty amazing illustrations, summer playlists, where to shop and how to make ice cream cake pops! (this, I am very excited to try!!)

See sneak peaks below, i'm not going to show you much so get your hands on a copy here for just £5! xx

My life has been a bit up an down the past couple of months, but more recently I am feeling a bit more optimistic, I am having my first ever flat viewing on Monday, I am too excited, city centre, top floor and  spacious room, (hopefully more room for me to draw and sew!).

I really do want it, I'm excited for this change, I want to draw more, write more, simply be more creative. I have been far too restricted in my current room, so in need of a change of environment, for sure!

Tomorrow I am spending the day at work, before I meet up with my best friend for a much needed drink! I hope you all have a great weekend. 

I am now going to curl up in bed and read my Wish magazine with old school episodes of The Hills.xx

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