Sunday, 15 July 2012

Someday soon we’ll lift the curse, whatever we become.

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Ok, so I have always been massively against the iPhone, on the basis that the iPod came first, and I thought it was ridiculous when they added a camera, and then it eventually turned into a phone... saying that I am Blackberry through and through. 

Since purchasing a new iPod touch a couple of years ago, I found that the apps were amazing, the games would keep me entertained for hours! - and then I was given the new iPod with the camera only a few days ago...

When I first saw a photo taken by Instagram, I was quite mad and hated that people had this app that would make your photo's look loads better than it really is, but yep, you've guessed it, the app was already on my new pod, and I am HOOKED, more on the content and how you get to see everyone's photo's they take throughout the day, I am not 'friends' with a lot of these people, they are people I mainly follow on Twitter, so they generally have similar interests. (Fashion & Food).

I must admit I did judge it before I got it, I like that you can comment and tag people in photo's just like Twitter/Facebook but without all the fuss. Follow me if you fancy; meimeiwan_blog x

Check the below Instagram photo's for some of my buys this weekend.

Sunday outfit

Sainsbury's Eton Mess & River Island fringe boat shoes

99 Ice cream & Freebies from Glamour

Hope you have all had a great weekend, I am very excited to be dining at Marco Pierre White's new restaurant in Nottingham tomorrow evening!! - Unfortunately he won't be there until the following week. :(

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