Tuesday, 8 May 2012

You may be good looking, but you’re not a piece of art.

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This weekend was sure a good one, as seen in my previous post (Today I am Wearing) you see the outfit I finally decided on but before that, I'm sure like other ladies, we have options. This is what I was going to wear before I settled for the blouse.
(T-Shirt - Charity Shop, Jeans - New Look, Pumps - Next)

I spent my Sunday evening meeting my friend Natalie for drinks at Brewdog and you can meet the cool bar staff here! They are known for their super strong ales, unfortunately I am not a fan therefore had a Cider. I did however got to have a few tasters of their ale. After a boozy half a pint of cider (yes...) we grabbed some food at Broadway :)

Sneaky blackberry upload!
The rest of my week consists of American Pie The Reunion (cannot wait!), celebrating a birthday or two and Blood Red Shoes!!

Do you have anything exciting planned for this week? x

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  1. Love the top! the colour and the collar are so cute! well done on another outfit post. :)
    I'm not a fan of Ale either.. can't quite work out the taste.. Food looks yummy! My diet sucks! lol
    So jealous of you and everyone going to see the new american pie, heard its really funny..but we dont have the a) time or b) money to go this month.. :( Have fun though. :)