Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Spring Summer 2012 playlist

Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart
I'll be honest, I have been a Marina fan from the very beginning, in my earlier blogger days, I did a post on her eclectic style - Marina Diamondis in Jan 2010. (apologies for the lack of photographs back then!) Her first album The Family Jewels, was probably one of my favourite of 2009, and I must admit Electra Heart did take several listens over before I got hooked, and hooked I am. There are so many songs I love, such as Living Dead, Teen Idle and Hypocrates. (I could probably name them all) - I am never one to judge a song by the lyrics, but if I did this is definitely one of the best. I strongly recommend everyone buying this album if they haven't already - it is sososo good. I almost purchased tickets to see her tonight at Live at Leeds, though I am glad I didn't as she pulled out - sob! 
The Cribs - The Belly of the Brazen Bull
The Cribs have not released any new material since I was at university, (2009) so this eagerly awaited fifth album is going to be a treat, I have only heard a clip of it so far, I must agree with fellow reviewers - although they have not lost their classic Cribs "riff", there is also a hint of an alternative rock sound. I am very excited to download this  and listen to it properly.
They are playing Rock City in Nottingham on Monday - which has yet sold out (very surprising) I am very tempted to go! Eeep.
Blood Red Shoes - In Time to Voices
Not sure if you have seen my previous post It Gets Boring by the Sea where I posted about Laura-Mary Carter's uber cool grunge style..but yep, still in love with her.
Famously known as the Indie Rock Duo, their album has been out for over a month, though I am unable to download I have been listening to it on Spotify, my favourite is still Cold and cannot wait to see them again in Nottingham next weekend. Buy tickets to see them at Rescue Rooms here. This is a show not to be missed!
Walk off the Earth
So, I am not afraid to say that I have only just discovered this band - they are a five piece from Canada, and they are known for the wicked cover for Gotye's Somebody I used to Know. Below is WOTE's video for one of my favourite songs (yes already) called Little Boxes, its cute and super catchy. Definitely going to download more of their songs tomorrow! Enjoy x

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