Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My first blogger meet! #MBE

17th of March was such a fun day, it began with me attending my first ever blogger meet!! Hosted by Hollie Anne and Annie. I was quite nervous to begin with if i'm honest, I'm glad it was held at The Orange Tree, such a lovely cosy bar.

I am one of those people who are always early never late - I casually started walking to the pub at about quarter past one (it was due to begin at 1.30) but to my surprise there was already quite a fair amount of people there already - the atmosphere was just great and we all got chatting right away!! Hours passed so quickly, I didn't want to leave.

Here is a lovely photo of fellow fashion bloggers, 'Aislinn, Caroline and Rachel

Yummy treats; cupcakes and innocent smoothies
Some great outfits going here with Rachel and Caroline!

Me - Taken by the lovely Rachel from Notes from my Closet and Aislinns fab outfit! x

I wore - Top Shop studded pumps - New Look Jeans, Oxfam Blouse, Miss Selfridge Necklace - Casio Watch.

Great goodies in the gift bags!

I would like to Thank Hollie Anne and Annie for organising a great, exciting yet relaxing blogger meet. xx

I then spent the rest of the evening eating a birthday steak at Soulville Steakhouse, and drinks at The Pitcher and Piano x
yummy steak and mash - sorry bad blackberry photo
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too! If you know of any other blogger meets coming up around the midland area - count me in :)


  1. Aw, great review. :)
    It was good being on the newbie table. haha
    Was such a good day and great to meet some new bloggers and put faces to blogs/names with others. :)
    Loved your outfit, espec your necklace! Ebay search required..
    Sounds like you had a busy day, that steak looks yummy!
    Hope to come back to Nottingham sometime, so you'll have to be a tour guide, be lovely to meet up. :)

  2. It really was SO much fun! It was lovely to meet you Mei mei, I'm glad that there were lots of other first timers there too :) I loved your cute Topshop pumps by the way! SO looking forward to the next one! Nottingham made an excellent impression for my first ever visit, I will definitely be visiting again :)

    Love, Vanilla/Rachel

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