Sunday, 11 March 2012

I was there when you were lonely, I was there when you were bored...

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Apologies for my lack of posts, I have been very busy with work etc. I have stopped budgeting and have spend the past couple of weekend clothes shopping, for me and it felt good!

To start with I went to Nottingham's vintage fair where I purchased a beautiful faux fur cheater print top - which I had to take up the hem and sleeves - I'm glad I learned something from my degree eh? I am currently in the process of making a faux leather collar that I can wear with this and stud it up with some silver studs I purchased off ebay - Photo's of this to come :)

I then went to Manchester for a good old catch up with two of my best friends, Emily and Carmela, we literally shopped til we dropped - visiting every charity and vintage shop we could find. I managed to bag some decent finds! Don't you just love that feeling when you find something absolutely amazing from a charity shop?

Here are some photos of my past couple of weeks x

A find from a charity shop in Manchester
cheeky Rasberry mojito x
my belated birthday present from Nicola x
Birthday meal for the sis.
Loving both these outfits here - buttoned up blouses, feminine fabrics with an androgynous look.
The brilliant Maccabees at Rock City Nottingham 08.03.12
Their fake merch. NO.
I may have had a busy couple of weeks but this doesn't stop me compiling my 'saved items' aka my ASOS wishlist via their website; I spent my birthday voucher on the tie dye t-shirt eeeek :)! 

Well I hope you have all had a great couple of weeks, the sun is out and I am indoors catching up with Masterchef before I head out for a girly catch up this evening at the Orange Tree, oh speaking of Orange Tree - if you are in Nottingham next Saturday come to The Orange Tree for the Midlands Blogger Event - more info on the Facebook page - it will be my first ever blogger meet so I'm very excited and slightly nervous if i'm honest. Please come xxx


  1. Lovely to meet you yesterday- you manage to get great charity shop bargains!


  2. The blogger event sounds great :) & awesome pics, I love the lace collar on that jumper :)

    My Fashion blog: DayByDiva

  3. Thank you!! :) yes i do love a charity shop bargain xx