Saturday, 4 February 2012

Just while love remembers...

While I am curled up in bed on a Saturday night with what feels like food poisoning and a head ache, everyone I know is out partying their socks off til the early hours. All I need is someone to refill my water bottle when it gets cold and to change my Kardashian disc when it's finished.

My birthday is in two weeks time and I am heading off to Belgium, Brussels. I am very excited that this is my first trip away with Rory and I will be spending part of my birthday in Brussels and then back for his birthday the following day, so this trip has been planned perfectly.

I will be turning 24 and I have already been asked by several family and friends what I would like for my birthday - I genuinely don't have a clue. My ultimate dream is to move out - but I'm finding it very difficult to make and finalise this decision. I am barely at home anyway (thanks to the bf living in the city centre (soz)) but I am craving a new little place to do up - I cannot imagine living by myself yet I also can't imagine house sharing with people I don't know - even worse....STUDENTS! (no offence) I have been there, done that. Not that my uni flat mates were horrible - best three years ever.

If I moved out I would ask for gifts for my house such as; 
  • Tea pot and tea cup sets
  • Big large gold letters that say something cheesy like 'Peace' or 'Love' 
  • A vintage birdcage
  • Old tins and jars
  • Cup cake stand
  • Vintage photo frames
  • Vintage / floral cushions

But I don't have a flat so I will have to cross out all the above. I have asked for a name gold necklace off my boyfriend and that's it seeing as we are paying to go away together which will be amazing and a few pieces off  Little Nell (check them out, I am obsessed!) and maybe the Laguna Beach box set will do me fine off my friends. x

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