Tuesday, 10 January 2012

You can't put two hotels on Mayfair...

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Just a quick post to keep you informed on my future plans, I know I have said this before and it never happened, I'll say honestly that I probably found it more difficult to work with someone even though she is one of my best friends, someone who lived SO far away was really hard. I know we both had the same ideas, and we would have made a bloody great team. Hopefully in the future something may happen again, I would never say never - if she ever comes back from Canada that is :(.

Until then I am going to keep myself busy, open up a Big Cartel - which is currently in the process of being jazzled up! I have so many ideas flowing through my head of what I am going to make and sell. I hope with all my heart that I am more motivated than ever to make a success of this, I am going to put my creative brain to the test tomorrow. 

On the other note I have also signed up to ASOS Marketplace to make extra cash, failing that I will settle for eBay but my bags and shoes are more suitable for ASOS Marketplace - however not sure if it is worth the hassle? Have you ever tried selling your second hand clothes and accessories via ASOS Marketplace? Thoughts?

Hope you all have a lovely week, I am also going to start my budgeting this Friday (pay day) I shall keep you posted. Fingers crossed!!

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