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It could be years, it could be tonight..

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Calling all ASOS lovers,

I am currently an owner of a £20 ASOS voucher, given from my best friend for Christmas, if you know me you know I love ASOS, I love its affordability and uniqueness but for some reason I am finding sheer difficulty in choosing what to spend it on. I really really want to spend it on a top, something uber fashionable but suitable for the office. Any help? I have gone through the entire website - just nothing, maybe I should hold out..

I must admit I am on a bit of the budget side, as stated in my previous post my budgeting starts this Friday and unless I find something amazing I will then spend this voucher. I have come across these two tops this morning whilst off work sick;


This House of Holland striped sleeve T-Shirt is simple yet slightly retro, which is something I love. My only problem is, is it worth me forking out another £45 on top of the £20 voucher!? Yes you heard this is £65 - hellpp!!

I then found this awfully pretty blouse - If it was another colour I would probably buy it - I love the pastel trend that is on its way but I'm not sure if it is very me, and for just an extra £15 this is totally worth it with the beautiful embroidery on the collar and chest and bits of lace. 


To buy any of the above items head over to ASOS by clicking the links below;


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