Thursday, 1 December 2011

spare me just three last words "I Love You" is all she heard

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My Two weeks away from blogger flew by, simply been mega busy, god knows doing what, as per I have a few photo's to share.

I went to Birmingham a couple of Sunday's ago to meet up with my friend Julia, as it was still November I felt it was a little early to shop, so we wandered round The Bullring trying to get ideas, we spent a lot of time in Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, Oopsie. Lovely day catching up - the return journey was hell, especially trying to carry the Krispy Kreme's!!

Last weekend was a party weekend, Friday night in Nottingham, and Saturday we drove up to Sheffield for my Best friends 24th Birthday party. We definitely did not party like celebrities despite all the Iceland food we ate. We went to a club called DQ and the night was called 'Threads' good name for a night, but they played the oddest tunes, a bit of Abba, R Kelly and Barry White, I swear someone said it was an Indie night. Overall a great night!
Here we are in Spoons for pre drinks. Classy.
Thank You!
The company that sent me the above parcel cannot be named yet, because inside holds a small gift, but I really really loved the packaging, simple but it is adorable. I love receiving post, this makes me even more excited for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, only 24 days to go and to help us all with the countdown.....:

I didn't have an advent calender last year so to make up for it I have two, yum. 

Christmas is officially upon us, when can we start saying 'Have A Merry Christmas'? It hasn't quite hit me that it is coming in less than four weeks, and panicking slightly because I started Christmas Shopping 5 days ago and have already spent £300!!

Now that I have started I can't stop, everything I see I want to buy for people, I haven't told anyone what I want for Christmas yet, too busy buying for other people! List must start tonight before I end up with NO presents. Now that would be a tragic Christmas. As much as people like to say, Christmas is about giving, I bloody love receiving them, more wrapping paper I have to tear through the better!! 

I still have so much more to buy, I cannot wait to go food shopping with my family to buy all the food, drinks and snacks for Christmas day, and what's even more exciting, I get a WHOLE week off between Christmas and New Years, lots of shopping, catch ups. Lets hope this New Years Eve isn't a let down as usual! 

This weekend is going to be spent, visiting Lincoln's Christmas markets, buying a tree and Christmas shopping again on Sunday.

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