Saturday, 10 December 2011

Secretly waiting for it to snow

Over the past few weeks I have felt more rather Christmassy than ever, even though my own tree at home won't be up til tomorrow and I am still no where near finished buying my family's gifts.  I cannot wait to remove all the presents from my bedroom and compile them all nicely underneath, I like to rearrange them around all the time.

Left - big xmas tree in the city square Right - Rory's tree & Frozen Planet. 



Left my little German gingerbread houses, a gift from rory from John Lewis. Right German Market in Birmingham 05/12/11

We headed to Birmingham last Monday to do a spot of Christmas shopping. I'd say it was pretty successful, I spent a lot of money and I don't think I bought anything for myself. I wish we'd gone round the outdoor markets properly but it felt like it was a million degrees below zero. It was SO cold we headed into Muji and I got bought these amazing mittens!! 

I am not going to link them as they were a gift so I don't work out the price malark etc, but have a gander on the Muji website - I'm sure they do loads of things similar :). I wear them all the time now, they are so warm! What I love about them is that not only are they your ordinary mittens, they are also fingerless gloves, the fingers and thumbs fold open. Genius and so handy. Grab yourself a pair while it is chilly outside.

Today was pretty mental, two weeks left before Christmas and everyone is out on force doing their Christmas shopping, I got to town at 9am with my cousin and didn't leave til 5.30pm - I'm not quite sure where the time went but 8 and a half hours shopping in NOTTINGHAM is simply impossible, there are not that many shops, just the shear amount of people slowing us down :(! I had been on the hunt for a gift for my mum, a small leather handbag, I looked everywhere, I ended up purchasing a leather backpack for myself. In love. I have no Sunday plans tomorrow but I wish I did, I want to take it out! Photo coming soon, it is my first ever major find in TK Maxx, originally £55 and was discounted to £21.99. Not bad. 

We had lunch at the lovely Orange Tree - overordered as per x

There is always a lovely atmosphere in here, I liked it more today
as it wasn't too crowded compared to the city centre, lovely pub. 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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