Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Inside my make up bag

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I have recently realised that my make up bag is getting bigger and bigger, I remember those simpler days where I just carried one eye liner and press powder. Oh, those days. Now I can't leave the house without the following, unfortunately. I don't even use every item, but i'm one of those "just incase" people, like those people who must have their entire iTunes on their iPod.

I have recently been bought a Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals make up which is a compact with different colours within the foundation. 

Pink - Brighten pale complexions
Mint - Dulls redness and conceals skin discoloration
Lavender - Camouflages yellow and pallid skin
Yellow - Coverage for you under and over eye areas

Loving it so far, the coverage is great!

My set was a Christmas gift, and came with a mini brush and black mascara.

Along with this I also carry 3 extra brushes, a blusher brush, and a smaller eyeshadow brush, which I use to apply powder under my eyes and on my eyelids to prevent shine. 

I also carry a double sized eye pencil sharpener, for the days I decide to use my Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner this is very handy - I'm sure all girls will agree that it is a massive bitch when your eyeliner breaks and you don't have a sharpener, and you really don't want to use a dirty pencil sharpener! 

The only lipstick I have ever really worn is a nude colour by Sephora in New York - I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it runs out :( below this in my photo's below is a eye shadow compact I use the very dark purple for under my lower lashes to create a smokey effect.

Along with this I carry Maxfactor liquid foundation and sponge, Maybelline New York pure foundation, tweezers (obviously), hair bobble, eyelash curler and two eyeliners Boots No 7 is my ultimate favourite.

as you probably have noticed, I don't own many high end beauty products, the most expensive brand I use is probably benefit, I own quite a lot of their products but they're not make up I need to use on  daily basis.


I probably won't be able to blog now til after the new year, have a good one and party lots :) x

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