Saturday, 12 November 2011

There's no poetry in my soul, just a list of lies I've told

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The Vaccines
What did you expect from The Vaccines (2011)

My eagerly awaited necklace arriiiiiived :) I love love love receiving post, I really wish there were no facebook, no twitter and people still wrote each other letters, I remember those days. It was so much fun, decorating the letters and envelops with quirky stickers.. maybe that was just me..

Back to the point. My Regal Rose necklace arrived!!

Cannot wait to wear it tonight.

If you haven't bought anything by Regal Rose yet, I suggest you do! I am off to spend my Saturday catching up with my Bestfriend who I have only seen once since we went to New York, lots to catch up on over Lunch (I'm hoping its Mexican), then we are hopping along to the Vintage fair, and then some birthday fun for another friend tonight.

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  1. Love the necklace! It's so pretty.
    And totally recognise the title from a Young Guns song :)