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I have just made my first ever purchase from Regal Rose, I have been loving this label for quite some time, but never purchased anything from there, here is my first ever buy - it was a really quick paypal transaction - bit dangerous for impulsive buyers like me. This necklace is from their Navajo Aztec collection. I adore gold necklaces on long chains. So this is perfect. Click here to buy.

Regal Rose has a Rock & Roll / vintage edge to their unique pieces, which is just right up my street! 

Regal Rose was created by twin sisters Rebecca and Louisa Warwick, they started making their own clothes and jewelry as they simply couldn't find what they want from high street brands. Their inspirations come from London street style, catwalk trends and bloggers. They have had a lot of press - having items featured in Look Magazine, InStyle, New, The Gardian, and many many celebs. 

 They are on trend, perfect for any fashion conscious individual.  

Regal Rose is definitely becoming one of my favourite fashion labels, like them here on facebook, follow them on twitter and shop for RR here. xox

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