Saturday, 15 October 2011

Oh, Collarbone, you put punctuation marks on all my clothes.

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The Wages of Fear (2011)

Currently listening to Tellison whilst I write this blog. 100% gutted. I had tickets to see them tonight in Sheffield, but due to me being massive idiot last night I am now a little hungover and basically vomming a lot. Probably not a good idea to get on that train. 

So I have spent my Saturday recovering watching lots of TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Come Dine with Me whilst I let my sister do up my ruined nails. 

If you have seen in my previous posts I love experimenting with nail polish - I am really tempted to buy some Nails Inc, nail wraps. They look hard to apply, but I am very tempted by the leopard print! Head over to Boots now to have a go. Not bad for £7.95.

And here are my nails, I used a combination of brands of nail polish, my favourite brand has definitely got to be Nails Inc. However whenever I have a spare No 7 voucher, their range of colours are pretty good too!

The colours I used;

Grey Skies - Speed Dry - Boots No 7
White - KONAD
Pink - High Gloss - 17
Apricot - Accessorize
Sky High Blue - 60 Seconds - Rimmel

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