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I always feel a lot more content with myself (life) when I apply for a job, even more so when it is fashion related, in Nottingham and on the promo side. 

I need to get my act together big time when it comes to my career, I have a fashion degree, skills in the area I want to go into, just the lack of jobs, makes me feel very unmotivated. 

Til I find the perfect job, I will shop my life away, at least a new top here and will is keeping me happy - I have been rather addicted to ASOS recently, I bought Two tops, and One coat, all under £100 - not bad. Though bad on my bank account when there is hardly anything in it. Oh well the beautiful clothes makes up for the misery. 

Here is what I purchased;

£17 horse blouse. Sale.
Was £60 khaki quilted jacket - 20% off.
£20 American Apparel T-Shirt. Sale.

I am enjoying the Blue American Apparel T-Shirt a lot, I love this cut, mainly because I feel like I have zero hips, so feel this shape tee suits me more - and with it being sheer it gives a more feminine look. I am on a hunt for more of these. I'm not so sure on the Carousel print blouse, what do you think?

I am going to try ASOS Marketplace for the first time soon, I have always used it to browse, but have never bought anything on it. ASOS Marketplace is, similar to eBay, but without the bidding, and the type of garments are more targeted for the ASOS customer. People can sell their old, used items or even sell items they have handmade themselves. Each seller, (like eBay) have a feedback system, where you can see what feedback they have been given by ASOS Marketplace buyers, this is very useful when you are buying off a seller, always know it is safe and legit. Communicate with the seller, and fingers crossed they reply to your emails asap! :-)

My jacket arrived this afternoon - can't wait to wear that tonight!! xo

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