Friday, 28 October 2011

Lets make a scene like the movies from our dreams

Bloody hell I miss these days. I probably wouldn't think I would at the time, but I really really really miss being  creative, writing, drawing, cutting, pinning and sewing All. The. Time.

I wish - on the side of my day job, I could fit this in somewhere. I should probably make time for this and prioritise my time and be a little more motivated.

Over the next few months. My aim (honestly) is to draw more, job hunt more (despite the slight promotion) and hunt for a cute little place to live. I can't work out whether I even want to move or just the fact that I just want a place to decorate and 'do up' yes. That probably is it. I think it's time though.

Til then I shall leave you with this. A picture I took when I was 21, living in Lincoln, final year of my fashion course, clearly having the time of my life that night!

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