Sunday, 30 October 2011

If you have no kind words to say, you shouldn't say nothing more at all [photo heavy]

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Here are our pumpkins, mine is the one on the right :) - pumpkins were only 75p each from Tesco, bargain, it was the first pumpkin I have ever carved. Not a bad job I reckon.

After our pumpkin carving we went to see The Maccabee's at the newly refurbished Rescue Rooms, great gig, Orlando Weeks is amazing. I wore my new amazing suede wedges; they are from New Look, only £19.99 bargain. 

I love Sundays, if I have no plans I like to spend it tidying my room (lol), blogging, and catch up and watch trashy TV and eat.

I bought a Haribo bargain bucket for any Trick or Treaters that come to my house tomorrow! I'm hoping we don't have any - more sweeties for moi.

Ok, just to end this post with this lovely photo. It was taken this morning as I got off the bus, on my way home. This is just by my road, and it just screams 'Autumn'. Pretty. With all the leaves on the ground, and the trees.


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