Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Vivienne Westwood; Xmas list

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Christmas is creeping upon us, and I feel like adding to my Vivienne Westwood collection, I already own two necklaces and a bracelet and I was bought some little silver orb earrings, but I think I hoovered them up :( RIP. Haven't worn any of these in so long, I usually wear second hand jewellery I find in charity shop cabinets or vintage shops and fairs, but deep down I am a massive label junkie. Here is what I already own, and see below for my lusts this christmas!

Ok so I wouldn't say I was super superstitious but I do love this 'Touch Wood' detail on this necklace, this is one thing I do (touch wood) when I feel it is necessary. I also love the silver / gold mix. Great birthday gift! Thanks Sis.

Now, see below for my ultimate Christmas gift this winter, hint hint... Ta in advance xo

New Orb Poison Ring £160 for my index finger
Orb Locket £195

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