Saturday, 10 September 2011

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1. Free. Smoky Rose Quad Eyeshadows 
2. £12.50 Lash Adapt Mascara
3. £9.00 Calm and Conceal Blemish Treatment
4. £9.00 Coral Flush Natural Blush
5. £7.75 Amazing Eyes Pencil Eye Liner

Saturday morning shop, nothing better than a bargain on make up. I'll be honest I can be a really girly girl when I want to be, but have always hated spending so much money on make up; water proof mascara, eyeliner, foundation. Done.

I had two Boots No7 £5 vouchers to spend before it expired tomorrow so I thought i'd go have a gander, I am always in need of an eyeliner. A girl (me) can never have too many eye liners, especially when you have a crap eye pencil sharpener that always ruins them. I used one of the vouchers on an eyeliner, total came to £2.75. B.a.r.g.a.i.n!

I then over heard that they had a 3 for 2 offer going, which we could use in conjunction with the voucher. I obviously then spent 30minute deciding what to spend my money on and what to pick as my free item. I needed a new mascara, even though I do not follow the 6 week rule. I use mine until they are bone dry. I chose their New Lash Adapt mascara, it has the kind of brush I love. A big fat wide one. This mascara is designed to build some volume  - I will let you know how that goes. Along with this mascara came with a FREE Smoky Rose Quad, four eye shadows to create a beautiful wearable warm tone. I then chose their Calm & Conceal blemish treatment, this dual action blemish treatment stick is suitable for all skin types, so I cannot wait to test this one. My 'free' pick was a blusher weirdly, as I never use blusher, however I would like to, I got it in coral. Maybe highlight my non existent cheek bones. All in all I spent £19. 25, saving a whopping £19.00!! pretty much half price. Happy Meimei. 

The Free Quad Eye Shadow

Thank you No7. xoxo

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